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We treat individuals with diagnoses of ADHD, adjustment disorder, bi-polar disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety, autism, opposition defiant disorder and learning disabilities.  Together we address behavioral challenges that impact the whole family system.  Our practice is results oriented. We utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), family systems theory and interpersonal therapy.  One size does not fit all.  

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What we do

Individual treatment

Together we identify your specific challenges. The negative thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from being your most authentic self.  You will learn how and when to use effective coping strategies to change your negative patterns and grow into the person you want to become

Evidence Based Practices

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy you will learn concrete skills for managing difficult feelings, changing behaviors and improving your relationships

Family Systems​

We are all part of a social system. Many of our patients are young people living with their parents and guardians. The whole family will be involved in treatment. We practice Parent Management Training to address difficult to manage behaviors.  It is the only evidence based practice that successfully addresses behavioral difficulties.  Regularly scheduled family sessions ensure that the family system supports the patient's mental health and development

Special Education Support

Children and adolescents with mental health problems often struggle in school settings. We offer collaboration with the school system as well as support through the special education process and CSE if needed.  

Our children could not be in better care than with you. You are much appreciated! 

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May 2022

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June 2021

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 your attentive care.

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"Her confidence is soaring and she knows when she needs to take care of herself"

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 March 2016

"You have truly made a difference in my son's life. You have instilled in him the confidence he had lost and I'm eternally grateful and thankful for having you in our lives"

 August 2019

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We can’t thank you enough"

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January 2020

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Meet our Team of Experienced Therapists

Jennifer Schultz LCSW

Jennifer Schultz is a seasoned LCSW specializing in Children, Adolescents and Adult mental health. She has a BA from University of Michigan, an MA from New York University and an MSW from Fordham University.  After a career in television news, Jenn made a career change and went back to school to study social work at Fordham University.  There, she was a Child First Scholar who went on to train at the Westchester Psychiatric Hospital division of New York Presbyterian Hospital. She trained in CBT at Cognitive Behavioral Consultants, PMT at Yale, and DBT at NY Presbyterian Hospital.  Using various evidence based practices, Jenn will build on the therapeutic relationship to support change for each client. Her work at NYP connects her to the tip of the spear in psychiatry.  Jenn believes that each individual is part of a larger system and will work within family, school or outside systems to support success and mental health. She brings passion and commitment to each client.

Karen Cousin LMSW

Karen specializes in working with children and teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders and other underlying health conditions. Her focus is on children in special education programs who confront personal challenges that impact their ability to learn and develop into their best adolescent selves. Clients typically experience conflicts in regulating their behavior within their families, personal

lives and school settings. Karen supports and nurtures relationships with young people through building a rapport and trust. She teaches children how to process emotions and acquire appropriate skills to thrive in their homes, schools and social circles. Karen's work at the Greenwich Public School System gives her an expertise in developing IEP and 504 plans.  She will be a key advocate for your child in coordinating with their school system when necessary.  

Britney Themistocles LCSW

Britney Themistocles is an LCSW specializing in child adolescent, and adult mental health. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Manhattanville College and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. Britney trained at New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Behavioral Health Center and has been working at the hospital as a clinical social worker since 2015. At NYP she is an Advanced Clinician on the Child and Adolescent Inpatient unit. She trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Britney uses evidenced based practices in the context of a positive therapeutic relationship to support self esteem, decrease anxiety and improve mood.  Britney believes that family involvement is a key part of the treatment plan.  She has 6 years of experience in parent training and support. Britney is compassionate and dedicated to the overall wellbeing of the client.  She is energetic and invested.

Julia Abele LMSW

Julia Abele is an LMSW specializing in child, adolescent, and young adult mental health. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Quinnipiac University and her Masters of Social Work from Hunter College. Julia trained at New York Presbyterian Hospital where she has worked as an inpatient clinical social worker since 2018. In 2021, Julia was promoted to an advanced clinician on the child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric units. Julia also has experience working within the school system, as well as specialized training in CBT, DBT, and working with LBGTQ+ youth. Julia helps children and families navigate developmental changes, and has a passion for identity development, complex trauma, and family systems work. Julia believes strongly in the therapeutic relationship as the foundation for meaningful growth and change. 

Susan Bosco LCSW

Susan Bosco is an LCSW specializing in adolescent and adult mental health. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SUNY Albany and her Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University. Susan is trained in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Adult Medical Health Issues and has advanced certification in bereavement. She works with clients who seek assistance with a broad range of emotional or psychological concerns, such as, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, learning differences, relationship difficulties, sports psychology, eating disorders, and health related issues. Her approach is blending current research with standard theory and providing practical insight to adjust behavior patterns that no longer work. Clients can expect a personalized and collaborative process specific to individual needs and circumstances.

Marsha Mariani LMSW

Marsha Mariani is an LMSW specializing in child, adolescent, and adult mental health. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Quinnipiac University and her Masters of Social Work from New York University. Marsha trained at New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Behavioral Health Center where she has worked as an inpatient clinical social worker since 2018.  In this capacity Marsha sees and treats hundreds of children and their families each year. She has a wide range of expertise working with clients experiencing Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, challenging family dynamics learning disabilities, as well as OCD, Bi-Polar Disorder, sucidal ideation and cutting or other self injurious behaviors.   Marsha has experience working with school systems, advocating for students and their families.  She utilizes CBT and DBT with patients in the context of a therapeutic relationship with the patient.  Marsha’s nurturing approach helps build a strong therapeutic relationship where individuals feel supported and understood. She believes that family involvement is essential to a child’s growth and development. Marsha is passionate and treats each client with an individualized approach. 

Eliza Ginsberg LCSW

Eliza Ginsberg is an LCSW specializing in children and adolescents who are experiencing anxiety, attention, behavior, and relationship difficulties. Using a holistic approach, she collaborates with children, teens, and their families as they navigate challenges at school and at home. She incorporates a variety of evidence-based approaches, including CBT, DBT, Play Therapy, and Mindfulness to support the social and emotional well-being of her clients. The core of Eliza’s work is the belief that our thoughts effect our feelings which in turn cause us to behave or act in a specific way.

Eliza earned her Masters of Social Work from New York University and Bachelors degree in Social Work from Indiana University, Bloomington. She trained for several years at Mount Sinai West Hospital, where she specialized in supporting clients and families managing acute and chronic illnesses. After serving on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eliza’s passion for child and adolescent mental health brought her back to working in school systems. She is currently the Dean of Students for The Leffell Lower School, where she provides mental health support and social-emotional education to students and families. Eliza strongly believes in the power of a therapeutic relationship and brings a fun, dynamic approach to engaging with children and adolescents.